Is Vegan Protein Powder Safe for Pregnancy?

by Mr Plant Based

Generally, vegan protein powder is taken by gym-goers looking to increase their daily protein intake and increase muscles.

They can also be used by people on a diet who are trying to reduce their carbohydrate intake.

In some cases, they can be beneficial to pregnant women.

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience at times – nobody enjoys dealing with daily worry and anxiety of not getting enough vital nutrients the body needs through pregnancy. 

In addition to that, there are a lot of information and conflicting reports about what you should and should not eat.

Basically, it is necessary for you to fulfill all the dietary requirements for both you and your unborn baby during pregnancy. Your nutrient intake has to increase so as to support the development and growth of the child.

Fetal growth can become compromised when your nutrient intake falls lower than required, because nutrients get used up to support your needs before that of the baby.

An important nutrient that plays a key role in the growth of both fetal and maternal tissue is protein.

Generally, it is required for pregnant women to take an additional 25 grams of protein daily.

Most women find it difficult to reach this amount through whole foods.

This make vegan protein powder a great option.

Is Vegan Protein Powder Safe For Pregnancy?

The short answer is yes.

Vegan protein powder is great because it provides a protein source that is highly concentrated and easily digestible.

However, it is important to note that not all protein powders are created equally.

Generally, protein powders don’t pose a health threat to a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

This is because most of the protein powders have healthy doses of protein and other important vitamins and nutrients.

How Much Protein Powder Is Needed During Pregnancy?

It will not be surprising to learn that mothers who fail to consume sufficient proteins end up having higher rates of pre-term births and smaller babies.

Also, the amount of protein you consume during pregnancy can affect the baby’s body composition, body weight, head circumference, and the long term risk of the baby developing heart disease, obesity, or diabetes.

Unfortunately, there is no clear guideline for pregnant women on the amount of protein they should consume.

However I found that the Institute of Medicine suggests that pregnant women should get 10 to 35 percent of their calories from proteins.

To get an estimate of your number of grams of protein per day, if your present weight is in pounds, divide it by 2.2 to have it in kilograms, and then multiply it by 1.5.

Have it in mind that this number will fluctuate during pregnancy because your weight changes when you’re pregnant.

Is It Safe To Drink Meal Replacement Shakes During Pregnancy?

It is safer to avoid doing them during pregnancy before first speaking to your dietitian or health professional about your nutritional needs.

Although you can take protein powder in place of meals. It is best to make sure you have a full balanced diet.

It is not advisable to take meal replacement shakes as a substitute for meals, particularly during pregnancy when your body requires extra nutrients to sustain both you and your developing baby.

I think it’s a good addition to your meals to top up your nutrient uptake.

What To Do Before Consuming Vegan Protein Powders?

Seek the advice of a health professional before deciding to take any kind of protein powder.

We are all instructed differently, and while one kind of food is important to some, it can be harmful to others.

As long as factors such as obstetrics and allergies have been considered.

…then taking a plant-based protein powder that is additive-free and naturally sourced to supplement her diet can be beneficial for the health and well being of both her and the unborn baby.

Benefits Of Protein Powder When Pregnant

Some important nutrients that are contained in protein powders include:

1. Proteins

There are two kinds of proteins found in protein powder.

  • Plant-based proteins
  • Animal sourced proteins.

Although pregnant women will need to take extra protein. It is best to stick with the daily requirements because the body cannot store protein.

2. Calcium

When calcium-fortified soymilk is mixed with protein powder. Such as Vegan or Whey. It can be a great source of calcium.

3. Fiber

Fiber is important in liver function, general metabolism, and digestion. It helps to stabilize the levels of blood sugar. Making it possible to sustain energy.

Consuming extra fiber also reduces the need for laxatives which are generally not safe during pregnancy.

A common side effect of pregnancy is constipation so the extra fiber will help you go more regularly.

4. Vitamins

There is the added benefit of natural vitamins gotten from fruits and vegetables in vegan protein powders.

5. Healthy fats

Protein powder contains linoleic acids, which are healthy fats that reduce body fat.

What kind of Protein should a Pregnant Woman Consume?

It is important to also consider the origin of the protein consumed.

Even though animal sources can provide high-quality proteins, according to studies, consuming a lot of meat during pregnancy is not ideal.

Proteins are made of amino acids, which form the building blocks of the body of both the mother and unborn baby.

The protein requirement increases during the second and third trimesters of being pregnant – it is at this stage that the baby is rapidly growing.

It is recommended to consume proteins from plant sources such as legumes which are rich in folic acid and are important for neural development.

Which is the best protein shakes to be taken during pregnancy?

Obviously Vegans prefer plant-based protein powders because they are vegans, but a lot of non Vegans people will take plant-based over whey protein to improve their diet.

Vegan protein powder provides a convenient protein source for mothers who are on a restricted diet.

Some of their additional benefits include:

• They are easily absorbed and digested

Improve insulin and glucose sensitivity

• They can help in controlling appetite and satiety

Contribute to the development of muscles

• Great source of branched-chain amino acids and fiber

• Help during post-natal recovery

It is ideal for a pregnant woman that intends to be healthy to have a complete diet that meets all her nutrient and energy requirements.

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