Vega Sport Protein Powder Review

by Mr Plant Based
Image of Vega Sport Protein Powder

I’m excited to share with you today my review on Vega Sport protein powder.

Unlike some reviews, I’m personally buying the protein powders I’m reviewing and trying them out. I’m giving you my honest opinion on them and I hope that my review helps in any way it can.

I’m going to be testing one of the best flavors ever and that is of course chocolate (yum)

There’s a little checklist I have going on which is what I feel like is important points when buying a plant-based protein powder.

Before I go on too much…here it is!

Is it made from natural ingredients, such as real fruits, vegetables, grains, and superfoods etc?

Or is made from synthetic non organic chemicals? 

Ideally, you want a powder that has organic fruits and vegetables, you then know that you’re putting goodness into your body and not fake rubbish.

Can you pronounce all the ingredients on the label? 

You want to be able to understand what you’re consuming so the simpler the better!

What kind of tests were run on the product to prove label accuracy
and ingredient purity? 

 For example, heavy metals, gluten etc.

What kind of independent quality certifications does the product

Is it USDA Organic, non-GMO, Vegan etc?

How does it taste? 

The most important bit!

Obviously you want something that’s healthy but also drinkable. You don’t want to be forcing yourself to drink something just because you need the protein.

Vega Sport – Quick Pros & Cons Summary


  • Great flavor
  • 30g protein
  • Non GMO
  • Plant-based
  • Gluten free
  • Keto friendly
  • Vegan
  • No added sugars
  • NSF certified sport
  • 5g of BCAAs to help repair muscle
  • Tart cherry to help support recovery


  • Not Organic
  • Can be expensive
  • High calories (compared to the average)

The Vega Sport Protein Powder Taste Test

So here’s the important bit…. the taste.

I had this protein shipped from America so I was excited to try this one out, I also ordered one of the best flavors out there…Chocolate.

On opening the tub it did have a nice chocolatey smell which is always a good sign!

When I recorded my video review I tried it in a shake then the next day I also tried it in porridge.

In a Shake:

So I mixed this with some almond milk when I had it with a shake and I was pleasantly impressed with the chocolate taste.

Vega sport did a good job with the chocolate flavor.

Chocolate is quite a universally good flavor but some are definitely better than others. When it comes to plant-based protein powders chocolate flavor can sometimes taste just like some cacao powder has been mixed with the powder and that’s it.

Others taste like actual chocolate and I find those quite nice.

I really enjoyed the flavor of Vega Sport, it was chocolatey and I’m going as far as to say that it tasted like a chocolate brownie!

Who doesn’t love them?

In Porridge:

Next, I mixed it with cooked oats and I put some frozen berries in with it as I like the taste of cold berries in with the hot porridge and again it tasted amazing.

It’s hard to go wrong with chocolate flavor and this is no different.

Here’s my attempt at food photography, I know it’s not great, don’t laugh though, I tried my best 😀.

Image of porridge made with Vega Sport chocolate flavor.

Overall I really enjoyed this powder and was very impressed with the taste. It would also go great in other things such as smoothies and pancakes.

Video Review

What I Liked Most About Vega Sport Premium Protein

I like alot about this protein powder as I feel there’s a lot of positives.

Where do I begin?

Of course I’m happy with the ‘chocolate brownie’ flavour and was very impressed at how much I liked it.

The powder is made from real plant-based food ingredients, non GMO and has no added sugars.

I like the fact that it has 30g protein per serving, that’s probably one of the highest amounts per serving there is in a plant-based powder.

The protein comes from a multisource blend of pea, alfalfa, pumpkin seed, and sunflower seed to help build muscle.

There are 5g of BCAA’s to help with muscle repair and Tart cherry to support recovery.

Not to mention that the powder is suitable for vegans and vegetarians, keto diet, gluten and soy free.

Also this powder is NSF certified for sport….what does that mean?

NSF International certified for sport makes sure there are no banned substances in dietary supplements. It makes sure there are no prohibited substances or masking agents and that the label is exactly what’s in the products.

There we are there’s lots of positives in this powder, but what about the things I didn’t like???

The Things I Didn’t Like

Although I don’t like focusing on the bad side of things there are a few things that aren’t as positive.

Here we go…..

So earlier on I was commenting on natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. Although this product has lots of goodness included, it’s unfortunately not organic. Now I know this isn’t a deal breaker and maybe a lot of people wouldn’t actually care, I would just think it would make the product just that bit better if it were organic.

So the next thing I would say was ‘bad’ is the fact that it is quite high in calories. If you’re anything like me you’ll be trying to keep track of things like that and unfortunately, each serving is 160 calories whereas most others are roughly 110 calories.

However, the ones with less calories have less protein so you have to look at the positives and the negatives to make your mind up.

Also this product can be a little bit on the pricey side so do shop around and see where you can get the best deal.

I don’t like being negative and pointing out bad traits so let’s move on quickly shall we?

What’s In Vega Sport Protein Powder?

Vega sport obviously care about making their products healthy. There’s not a lot in the ingredients which I think is good as having fewer ingredients means its not a big long list of chemicals and artificial ingredients.

On looking at the ingredients I can see that the powder contains Turmeric, which is very good for you. It gives you lots of health benefits and can help prevent heart disease and cancer. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and can even help improve things such as depression.

The powder also contains Tart Cherry, I’ve never actually heard about this before so I did a little research. Tart Cherry is actually really good for you it is said to, improve sleep, reduce systolic blood pressure, decrease muscle soreness, and reduce inflammation.

That sounds like the kind of thing you need in a protein powder right?

Here’s a picture of the ingredients to check it out for yourself. And sorry about the quality of the photo.

Also here’s the nutrition facts for you to see.

Image of the Vega Sport nutrition label

As you can see in this Vega Sport powder you get 30 grams plant-based protein.

The protein blend is made from pea, pumpkin seed, organic sunflower seed, and alfalfa protein

Overall the ingredients are pretty good. 👌

What Does It Get Tested For?

Heavy metals can be such things as: Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and Mercury. They are a natural part of the earths crust and most soils contain traces of them.

Plants can absorb naturally occuring minerals (including heavy metals) from the soil. That’s why certain foods (especially plant based) many contain heavy metals.

Vega like to use the highest quality ingredients and they’re also GMO verified. They do everything they can to make sure their products are safe. They make sure to meet their own internal standards and relevent governement regulations.

Whey products actually have less heavy metals because they are a more processed product.

Vega’s pea protein products do not contain heavy metals in excess of safe threshold levels. They also are in compliance with laws such as proposition 65 which means their products only have safe amounts of chemicals including heavy metals.

Proposition 65 has a list of 900 chemicals known to cause various health risks. Californian law means that businesses have to give warnings on their prducts about certain exposures to chemicals that cause cancer and other harm such as birth and reproductive defects.

Prices And Best Place To Buy

So when I purchased this it was $39.98 in the USA and £44.95 in the UK. The UK being more expensive to buy Vega Sport protein powder.

Per serving it works out at $2.10 in the USA and £2.36 in the UK.

Vega Sport is defo one of the more expensive brands.

I reviewed 15 Vegan Protein Powders here and out of those 15 powders Vega Sport Premium was the most expensive per serving for the UK and the 3rd most expensive in the USA.

Also I looked around online to see where was the best to buy, and Amazon seems the best option. As I write this it’s roughly $5 cheaper in the USA on Amazon compared to buying direct for the Vega website.

Here’s the link to buy on the US Amazon.

And in the UK Amazon was the only option unless you get it shipped from the USA.

Here’s the link to buy on the UK Amazon.


So it’s time to start wrapping this up! I feel good about saying this is a good protein powder, there are a lot of positives to go on. It’s a healthy drink, plant-based, free from added nonsense, and delicious. How could you say no?

I love the fact that it has added extras such as turmeric extract and tart cherry powder to help repair your body and reduce inflammation, that’s an added bonus that isn’t in a lot of other powders.

After trying so many other powders this is definitely up there with the ones I’ve liked a lot and if you’re looking for a healthy, tasty protein powder with lots of protein this is for you!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review and thank you for taking the time to read it.

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