10 High Protein Vegan Powders – Brands with the Highest Protein Content

by Mr Plant Based

If you’re a vegan who exercises, you may want to supplement your protein intake to stay healthy and maintain or grow your muscle mass.  

You may or not be an athlete, but if you’re working to improve your strength and stamina you’ll need a higher intake of protein than someone who isn’t training.

This means that you’ll need even more protein in your diet to help build muscle and repair tissue. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is to look for a high protein vegan protein powder.

As I started researching different brands and formulations for my own use, I came to realize that a lot of the vegan protein powders who have the highest concentrations of protein are also high-calorie weight gaining formulas.  

I, personally, am not looking to gain weight. I am, however, looking for more protein than most average vegan protein powders provide, which is around 20g per serving. 

I decided that if I am interested in knowing what some great high protein vegan powders are, it’s probable that lots of other people out there who maintain a plant-based lifestyle are too.

So I have decided to share my research.

Here’s a list I put together. You’ll notice that not one product is a soy-based protein powder. I’ve got my reasons for that.

And some of these products are for bulking up, whilst others are fairly low calorie. They all look like quality products worth trying.  

Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments, particularly if you have tried any of these specific brands or products.

And if you have any personal recommendations, be sure to include them!

10 High Protein Vegan Powders

#1 Vegan Naked Mass – 50 g per serving

This is the highest protein per serving of vegan protein powder on my list. It’s also extremely high in calories.

It is, in fact, for vegans who would like to not only add muscle mass but generally gain weight.  

The natural flavor Naked Mass only has three ingredients; pea protein powder, rice protein powder and organic maltodextrin sourced from tapioca.

While this brand cannot boast being 100% organic (the pea protein powder is not labeled as organic like the rice protein or maltodextrin) it does clearly state that it is non-GMO.

It’s also gluten-free, soy-free, and has no sweeteners or flavors. It’s got all the essential amino acids and over 10g of BCAAs!  

As the label says, it is “naked”, and bare-bones. You can mix this into your favorite smoothie, vegan yogurt, or baked goods (homemade protein bars!) according to your tastes.

Each portion is a hefty 315g. As can be expected, this mix is extremely high in carbs, with nearly 250g.

If you are not on a specific weight-gaining diet, this will be more of a meal replacement shake for you. Otherwise, you may consider cutting the portion in half. You’ll still get a full 25 g of protein!

Some people have complained about the digestibility and flavor of the tapioca based maltodextrin, but overall the product has great reviews for texture and its neutral flavor. 

There are 3 different flavors, Chocolate, Unflavored and Vanilla.  

Quick Stats

Protein per Serving: 50g 

Calories per Serving: 1,230 Calories

Main Protein Source: Pea, rice

Get it on Amazon here:  Vegan Naked Mass

#2 Vegun Nutrition VEGANMASS Plant-Based Mass Gainer – 30g per serving

Vegun Nutrition VEGANMASS

I love the ingredients in this high-protein vegan protein powder.

The main source of protein comes from pea powder, quinoa, and sacha inchi. Add to that the additional ingredients that make up the rest of its carb blend: amaranth, chia, buckwheat, and millet.

Basically, you have a product that is a concentrated superfood.   

This certified vegan protein powder has a reasonable serving size of 75g. In that, you get 30 gr. of protein and over 4g of BCAAs and only 280 calories.

It is pretty high in carbs with over 30g. Considering the large portion size, it is surprisingly low in sodium with 420mg.

It is definitely a high protein vegan powder meant for those who want to bulk up.

I wish this were certified organic. I guess you can’t have it all.

Quick Stats

Protein per Serving: 30g

Calories per Serving: 280 Calories

Main Protein Source: Pea, Quinoa, Sacha Inchi

Get it on direct on the website here: Vegun Nutrition VeganMass

#3 Vega Sport Protein – 30 g per serving

Vega is a well-known name in the world of protein powders. Their plant-based Sport premium protein shakes come in chocolate, mocha, or vanilla flavors.

This particular vegan protein powder sources its protein from a blend of pea powder, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, and alfalfa.

I love that all of the ingredients in this protein powder are non-GMO and that the mix also comes with a probiotic.

The only thing that would convince me more is if the ingredients were certified organic and if it had a little less sodium.

This vegan protein powder also offers a lot of protein in a relatively small serving of 43g.

This shake mix adds only 160 calories to your diet and 5g of carbs. You also get 5g of BCAAs.  

The only issue that I can find with this protein powder is that it ranks really low on cleanlabelproject.com’s list for purity.  

Quick Stats

Protein per Serving: 30g

Calories per Serving: 160 Calories 

Main Protein Source: Pea, Pumpkin Seed, Sunflower Seed, Alfalfa

Get it on Amazon here:  Vega Sport Protein

Read my FULL review here: Vega Sport Premium Protein Powder Review

#4 Smart138 Vanilla Pea Protein – 26g per serving

Smart138 offers a basic single ingredient pea protein powder. Well, to be honest, it has natural flavors and monk fruit as a sweetener.

The thing that caught my eye is that this product is not specifically certified vegan despite including it on their product feature checklist.

They specifically state that they are non-dairy, non-GMO, gluten-free and soy-free. 

All that being said, 26g of protein (over 6g of BCAAs) is quite a dose for a 33g serving. It’s also pretty low in calories with just 130 calories per serving.

It’s also comparatively low on the sodium count, with just over 200mg.

Some customers complain about grittiness, but many others recommend remedying that by adding a bit more liquid than is called for in the instructions.  

Quick Stats

Protein per Serving: 26g 

Calories per Serving: 130 Calories

Main Protein Source: Pea

Get it on Amazon here:  Smart138 Vanilla Pea Protein

#5 Sunwarrior Protein Warrior Blend – 28g per serving

This is the first vegan protein powder on the list that is certified organic.

It’s also certified vegan, non-GMO gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. I love that it gets a portion of its complete protein blend from goji berries!

Its main protein source is pea powder but also includes hemp seeds and whole ground coconuts. Overall, it has a very limited and wholesome ingredient list that I can stand behind.

Some customers complain about the flavored options that are available as not being that great tasting.

It seems like this product is best to buy unflavored and to mix into your homemade shakes and smoothies.

Nearly all of the reviews say the unflavored option blends seamlessly.  

In a 37.5g serving, you get 28 gr of protein and just 150 calories.

Compared to other high protein vegan powders, this product doesn’t have as much sodium as other products – just 395mg.

Overall, it looks like a great option for a high protein vegan powder.

Quick Stats

Protein per Serving: 28g (the natural unflavored version)

Calories per Serving: 150 Calories

Main Protein Source: Pea, Hemp, Goji Berry

Get it on Amazon here:  Sunwarrior Protein Warrior Blend

Read my FULL review of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein Powder here.

#6 Legion Thrive Vegan Protein Powder – 25g per serving

Next on our list of high protein powders is a product offered by the brand Legion. This is definitely not a minimalist protein shake.

This product is certainly 100% vegan and non-GMO but has quite a list of ingredients and supplements that convert it from a standard protein powder into an all-around dietary supplement.  

They base their formula off of rice and pea protein, offering 25g of protein for every 43g serving (and just 160 calories).

Unfortunately, like many of the high protein vegan powders, this product is high in sodium. It has 540mg.

It is, however, fairly low in carbs with just 4g.

Legion does not offer an unflavored option of their vegan formulation but does offer chocolate, vanilla and mocha cappuccino.

The main complaint that consumers seem to have about this product is the aftertaste. 

Quick Stats

Protein per Serving: 25g

Calories per Serving: 160 Calories 

Main Protein Source: Pea protein isolate, brown rice

Get it on Amazon here:  Legion Thrive

#7 Vega Clean Protein Powder – 25g per serving

This is the second Vega brand product that makes the list of high protein powders. The difference between the clean protein powder and the sport protein powder listed above are few.

You get 5g less of protein and only 4 BCAAs per serving instead of 5.

The serving size is also a bit smaller at 35g with an overall calorie count of only 130 calories instead of 160 that the sport product promises.

It is disappointingly high in sodium with over 400mg in a serving.  

Basically, the Vega Clean Vegan protein powder is better for those of you looking for a lighter product with fewer calories.

Ingredient wise, the Clean Vegan protein powder is a more basic product, boasting fewer ingredients overall. The protein blend also includes protein from hemp seed.  

Just like the Vega Sport protein powder, the Clean vegan powder is non-GMO, certified vegan, and gluten-free.

Most customers are satisfied with the taste, though a few complain about the stevia being a bit overwhelming.  

Be sure to check out the rest of Vega’s high protein vegan powders. As a brand, their products typically offer more protein than a lot of other options.  

Quick Stats

Protein per Serving: 25g

Calories per Serving: 130 Calories 

Main Protein Source: Pea, Hemp, Pumpkin Seed, Alfalfa

Get it on Amazon here:  Vega Clean Vegan 

#8 Organic Muscle Brand Organic Protein Powder – 24g per serving

I seriously love the ingredient list on this organic protein powder.

Aside from being a fully organic high protein vegan protein powder, it is also high-fiber, preservative-free, and certified raw. 

The protein blend is based on pea powder, but also boasts Jerusalem artichoke, sacha inchi, and hemp.

You’ll also find quinoa, amaranth, flaxseed, chia, and millet on the ingredient list!

All of these great ingredients make for a relatively high-protein, high-fiber protein powder that has only 150 calories in a 38g serving.

This product is a bit higher in carbs, with 10g per serving, but is lower in sodium than some other high protein vegan powders that show up on this list.

They even plant a tree for every container sold!  

The most common complaint that customers have is the gritty texture, though the majority of reviewers rave about the blendability of this high protein vegan powder.  

Quick Stats

Protein per Serving: 24g

Calories per Serving: 150 Calories

Main Protein Source: Pea, Jerusalem Artichoke, Sacha Inchi, Hemp 

Get it on Amazon here:  Organic Muscle Protein Powder

#9 Now Sports Pea Protein Powder – 24g per serving

Next on the list of high protein vegan protein powders is Now Sports pea protein powder.

This is a protein powder as basic as it gets. It’s just pea powder. No other ingredients.

The ingredient label boasts a fairly high amount of naturally occurring sodium but is low in carbs with just 1g per serving.

To blend this powder with just water is not really recommended – it’s not all that great tasting on its own.

But one scoop added to your favorite shake or smoothie recipe will blend smoothly and almost imperceptibly.

It will also add 24g of protein and only 120 calories. You can easily mix this protein powder into homemade protein bars or other snacks and goodies.  

There are two flavors available as well. Chocolate and Vanilla Toffee.

Quick Stats

Protein per Serving: 24g

Calories per Serving: 120 Calories

Main Protein Source: Pea

Get it on Amazon here:  Now Sports Pea Protein

Check out my FULL review here: Now Sports Pea Protein Review

#10 Birdman Falcon Protein – 22g per serving

To finish up our list of high protein vegan powders, let’s take a look at Birdman’s Falcon Protein.

Honestly, it doesn’t have a crazy high protein content, but it is slightly higher than the average of 20g that we found.

What this product does have is a great ingredient list.

The protein is primarily based on pea and rice protein but is rounded out with sacha inchi, amaranth, pumpkin seed, cranberry seed, and quinoa sprout powders.

It’s one of the few protein powders on the list that is 100% organic in addition to being non-GMO and soy-free.

It’s even got seaweed powder to add trace minerals to the mix and a probiotic to help your gut. I don’t like that it is a bit high in sodium (300mg) but it’s only got 2g of carbs and 120 calories per 30g serving.

This product gets great reviews about its texture and mixability. It seems that the most common complaint has to do with the chocolate or vanilla flavors being sub-par for some people.

Other’s comment on the overwhelming stevia aftertaste. Despite these complaints, considering the nutritional profile and ingredient list, I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a try.

Quick Stats

Protein per Serving: 22g

Calories per Serving: 120 Calories 

Main Protein Source: Pea, Brown Rice

Get it on Amazon here:  Birdman Falcon Protein

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