Top 5 GLUTEN FREE Vegan Protein Powders

by Mr Plant Based

Have you tried a lot of different vegan protein powders and they all seem to cause you upset stomach or cramping? You might want to consider trying a gluten-free vegan protein powder.

Gluten has been greatly scrutinized in recent years. It is believed to be the culprit for otherwise inexplicable cramping, bloating, and nausea that some people experience.  

Some folks need to eat gluten-free foods because they have Celiac’s Disease. While you might not have Celiacs, there is a possibility that you have undiagnosed gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity.

Gluten is a pesky ingredient because it can hide in processed foods where you least expect it, including vegan protein powders. That is why it is important to look for gluten-free certification on the labels of every food you eat.

To make your search for the best gluten-free vegan protein powders easier, I decided to put together a list of the best products on the market. These vegan protein powders will provide you with your daily boost of protein while respecting your desire to eat a plant-based diet that is also gluten-free.

The Criteria

How, exactly, did I decide what are the best gluten-free vegan protein powders out there? I made my decision based on the following criteria.  

The products that show up on my list are:

  • Non-GMO and Organic: We vegans strive to be as healthy as possible. We want to avoid agrochemical residues that are often found in “conventional” produce. When you see the “organic” and “non-GMO” labels, you can feel confident that you are avoiding potential contaminants.
  • Soy-Free: Soy is an incredible source of protein, but is well known to cause stomach problems like bloating and general upset stomach. It’s also one of the most genetically modified crops grown in the world. Best to avoid it, I’d say.
  • No Added Sugars, Artificial Flavorings, or Fillers: I also took into consideration whether or not these products include artificial flavorings, added sugars, or fillers. Let’s face it, those pesky ingredients show up everywhere. And honestly, we can do without.

So there you have it, my three main criteria for determining the best gluten-free vegan protein powders.

I also looked into whether or not these products are reported to have heavy metal contamination. I specifically investigated each company’s compliance with California’s Prop 65, which is one of the strictest labeling laws on the planet. It requires strict testing and labeling of products that contain contaminants known to cause health problems.  

The other important factor I looked at? Taste. Protein powder can be vegan, gluten-free, and otherwise amazing – but if customers consistently complain about the taste and texture, why bother? 

So here they are:

The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Protein Powders

1. Vivo Life Perform

What is it about this product I love so much?

  • It is completely organic, which also means that it is non-GMO.
  • All of the flavors are completely soy-free.
  • It contains all-natural flavors with stevia as a sweetener.
  • It contains no heavy metal contamination.

No matter what flavor you decide to try, you will be consuming a product that will,

  • Be easy on the stomach.  The main protein source is bio-fermented pea powder and the recipes are fortified with digestive enzymes, assuring that this protein shake will go down easy.
  • Provide 25g of protein per serving. 
  • Has only around 4g of carbohydrates (varies slightly by flavor).
  • Won’t add a lot of calories to your diet. Each serving has only around 140, depending on the flavor.
  • Contributes a fair amount of zinc and selenium to your diet.

The Vivo Life Perform, aside from being the best gluten-free protein powder, comes from a company whose ethics I can stand behind. They work with small, independent farmers and take quality control very seriously, constantly testing their products for purity.

As for taste, Vivo Life Perform offers five different flavors for every taste out there. I personally recommend the Salted Maca Caramel. Expect earthy undertones (thank the turmeric and reishi mushrooms for that!) and a noticeable stevia taste.  

Read my Vivo Life Protein Review.

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2. TRUVANI Plant Based Protein Powder

What makes TRUVANI one of the best gluten-free protein powders?  

  • It’s USDA certified organic and GMO-free.
  • The soy-free protein blend is made with raw peas, pumpkin seed protein, and chia seeds.
  • Every batch is tested for heavy metal contamination.
  • It contains organic monk fruit as a sweetener.

TRUVANI only offers chocolate or vanilla flavored vegan protein powders at this point in their production. They are meticulous in sourcing their ingredients and proudly offer a product that:

  • Is sourced from US and Canada based producers, except for the monk fruit, which is native to and sourced from China.
  • Offers 20g of protein per serving.
  • Guarantees a full amino acid profile.
  • Has only 130 calories per 33g serving.
  • Contains no stevia.

I’ve not tried this one personally, but judging from the companies ethics and impeccable ingredient list, I had to give it the #2 spot on the list of best gluten-free vegan protein powders.  

When it comes to flavor, most customers who have left reviews rave about how good it is. The big plus is that it is stevia-free. This is a huge bonus for those of you that aren’t crazy about stevia as an all-natural sweetener. On the other hand, monk fruit can be entirely too sweet for certain tastes.


3. Garden of Life Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein

 This high-protein, gluten-free vegan protein powder is a complete package of protein, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. This is why I love it:

  • It has 30g of protein per 42g serving.
  • It has a unique protein blend made up primarily of pea powder and other sprouted legumes.
  • Is USDA certified organic and non-GMO
  • It is sweetened with all natural stevia.
  • Is tested for heavy metals in compliance with California’s Prop 65 and is NSF certified.

This energy-packed vegan protein powder comes in chocolate or vanilla flavors. Each portion will provide you with 160 or 180 calories (slightly more for the chocolate flavor). I guess it’s fair to say that it is not exactly a low-calorie protein shake. But it will power you through your workout. This gluten-free vegan protein powder is great for athletes.

The other great features that I appreciate about this protein powder include:

  • A full profile of amino acids including 5.5g of BCAAs.
  • An included dose of glutamine to promote joint health.
  • Probiotics that promote gut health.
  • An antioxidant-rich “recovery blend” that promotes quick post-workout recovery.

As for testing the purity of their products, Garden of Life is in full compliance with California’s Prop 65. The thing is, they have an exemption because the heavy metals detected are “naturally occurring” and still fall within the WHO and FDA’s levels that are considered safe for human consumption. I’ll let you come to your own conclusions on this one.

I did a review of the regular Garden Of Life vegan protein powder here.


Honorable Mentions

The top three best gluten-free vegan protein powders that I chose represent products and companies that have a commitment to purity, quality, and transparency. Their ingredients are minimal and top quality.  

But there are a lot of gluten-free vegan protein powders available on the market these days – which is great! Having lots of choices is good for us all.

Here are a couple more products that I feel deserve your consideration.

4. Sunwarrior Warrior Blend 

I really like Sunwarrior as a brand. They offer a great line of products and are fairly transparent about the sourcing and testing of their products (they are Prop 65 compliant).      

What is it that I’m not a huge fan of? Why do they only earn an honorable mention?

The list of ingredients is great, except that they include the use of fillers. Guar gum, while natural, is used to improve texture and is just unnecessary in my opinion. 

Also, “chocolate flavor” is not actually chocolate… which makes me a little distrusting considering how much I love the stuff.

Otherwise, this stuff is great. In each serving, you get:

  • 25g of protein sourced from pea, hemp and goji berry.
  • Healthy MCTs from coconut oil
  • Zero soy
  • 6g of BCAAs
  • No added sugars.

This organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free vegan protein powder is sweetened by stevia extract, which minimizes the normal stevia taste while sweetening the shake enough to make it delicious.

Read my Full Review Of Sunwarrior (Warrior Blend) here. 


5. Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein + Superfoods

I love the ingredients in this gluten-free vegan protein powder.  

Well, um… Most of them. This protein powder gets rave reviews for its texture. Unfortunately, that texture comes from fillers like rice dextrin, acacia gum, guar gum, and xantham gum.  

This protein powder also contains erythritol, which is a natural sugar alternative made from sugar alcohols. 

For me, personally, those ingredients are just a little too processed.

The other thing that disappoints me about Orgain’s vegan protein powder? The lack of transparency regarding heavy metal contamination and testing procedures.

But still, they are organic and non-GMO. 

This vegan protein powder offers:

  • 21g of protein in a 51g serving (with just 160 calories).
  • A soy-free protein blend made of pea protein, brown rice protein, and chia seed.
  • An amazing superfood blend of 50 fruits and veggies.

A significant dose of iron and B vitamins.


So there you have it! My list of the best gluten-free vegan protein powders is short and sweet. Let me know in the comments if there is a brand or a product I should know about that didn’t make the list.  

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